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Press release

Evonik presents the Second Annual Evonik Road Safety Award in Colombia

Medellin. November 7, 2017.
  • Evonik awards its second global ‘Evonik Road Safety Award’ to the city of Medellin, Colombia
  • Winning project has designed and implemented a comprehensive plan to encourage sustainable mobility throughout the city
  • €10,000 prize will be donated to Fundacion Orbis for the sponsorship of additional road marking interventions in the city

Medellin, Colombia - Evonik Industries AG, one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies and the inventor of methyl methacrylate (MMA) cold plastic road markings, presented the “Evonik Road Safety Award” to the city of Medellin during the opening ceremony of their annual Mobility Week. Through the granting of this award, Evonik recognizes and commends the city of Medellin for their implementation of a comprehensive plan to encourage sustainable mobility through the use of innovative road marking applications.

Granted this year for the second time, the “Evonik Road Safety Award” is designed to support sustainable road safety initiatives and projects worldwide, as part of the company’s corporate and social responsibility. Evonik advocates good social development in all its global sites and thus, supports charitable undertakings that raise the quality of life. On behalf of Evonik, Andreas Kripzak, Vice President Coating & Adhesive Resins Americas, presents the award to the city of Medellin for their project ‘Sustainable Mobility – A Task for All.’ Evonik acknowledges the contribution the city has made to providing safer infrastructure that ensures the mobility and accessibility of all citizens.

Once known as a city of violence, Medellin has completely reinvented itself over recent years and is now considered internationally to be one of the most innovative cities in the world. Through their Municipal Development Plan, Medellin has shown a strong commitment to the implementation of a sustainable mobility system by enhancing their transport infrastructure and applying targeted urban interventions to “reclaim the city.” As part of this comprehensive plan, the city has integrated a network of preferential bus lanes, dedicated bike lanes for cyclists, restricted parking areas and colorful walkways and zebra crossings for pedestrians. These interventions have all proven to have a positive effect on reducing the number of conflicts among road users and are also receiving positive feedback from citizens.

Medellin’s innovative and creative “tactical urbanism” approach, has taken once neglected or accident prone areas of the city and applied small scale road marking interventions that improve their local neighborhoods and city gathering parks. With the €10,000 cash prize associated with the award, Medellin has asked Evonik to donate it to Fundacion Orbis as part of their ongoing organization of road marking projects that enhance road safety throughout the city.

“By presenting this award to the city of Medellin, we recognize their innovative and proactive plan to optimize their transportation networks and make the safety of all road users a top priority,” states Andreas Kripzak, Vice President - Coating & Adhesive Resins Americas from Evonik. “As a creative industrial group, Evonik will continue to advocate for road safety initiatives and support local communities as they build more sustainable environments to improve mobility for their citizens.”

The “Evonik Road Safety Award” will be bestowed every year. It assesses entries based on their contribution to road safety (60%) and sustainability (20%), as well as their innovative character (10%) and potential replicability (10%). Every applicant were screened by an independent jury of internationally recognized experts in the field of road safety, transport, and city design; among others is the International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva.



Friederike Roth

Communications Manager - Coating Resins