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Evonik opens another lab in Guarulhos, Brazil

Brazil. November 17, 2017.

 The new lab will be dedicated to the development of new technologies for curing agents for its customers in Latin America. In the new space, Evonik will provide training sessions, adapt global technologies to local needs and support the development of formulations.

On November 21st, Evonik, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, will officially open its new Development and Application Crosslinkers lab at its distribution center in Guarulhos (SP), Brazil.

The lab will be dedicated to the development of new technologies for curing agents for its customers in Latin America, from Mexico down to Uruguay. Among the services to be provided are individual training sessions for customers and distributors, adaptation of global technologies to local needs, and support in the development of formulations with Evonik’s products for flooring, industrial paints, sealants, and composite materials.

“Many manufacturers have application labs in Brazil, but only Evonik can combine the possibility of developing the product the market needs and, at the same time, support the development of the final application of its customers,” says Marcelo Rufo, Business Manager Crosslinkers Latin America and South Africa.

With roughly 100 sqm, the new lab will have application chemists of Evonik’s global team. “These professionals will network with technicians across all continents, so they will always have the latest information in addition to access to trends in curing agent technologies for epoxy resins. This expertise will be available to our customers,” adds Mr. Rufo.

Evonik is a world leader in curing agents for epoxy resins. Its product portfolio includes proven brands like Ancamide®, Ancamine®, Epodil®, Anquamine®, Anquamide®, Amicure®, and VESTAMIN®. “With the new lab, we will get even closer to the regional market as our clients will have access to local technicians with profound knowledge in the application of our products,” states Mr. Rufo.



Regina Bárbara

Corporate Communication