Evonik. Innovative Solutions for Agrochemicals and Biodiesel

Evonik contributes to the future of the planet by offering intelligent products and solutions to the agricultural market which are used both by agrichemical manufacturers and final users. The concern to conduct eco-friendly operations is reflected in the development of solutions oriented to the improvement of life quality. Its pioneering spirit is translated into headways towards biodiesel production as a means of helping fulfill the potential of this promising energy source.

Oxidizing agent – HYPROX®

Used in the sugar bleaching process, Hydrogen Peroxide HYPROX® is a powerful oxidant which improves the final product whiteness and contributes to meeting applicable export requirements.

High performance specialty chemicals for Biodiesel – NM30, KM32, IONOL® BF 200

Evonik offers advanced solutions through catalysts especially formulated to comply with biodiesel production requirements.

The Sodium Methylate solution 30% in methanol (NM30) is the major component in the transesterification of (Vegetable) plant oils. For the transersterification processes based on reused (oils) fats, the company offers another solution: Potassium Methylate 32% in methanol (KM 32). For a long biodiesel shelf life, the company offers IONOL® BF 200, an antioxidant developed to optimize the biofuel stability extending its useful life and reducing costs.

Precious Metal- or Activated Nickel/Copper-based Chemical Catalysts

PMPC – “Precious Metal Powder Catalysts”

– Heterogeneous catalysts based on supported precious metals for reactions of hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and oxidation, used in herbicide and fungicide production.

ABMC – “Activated Base Metal Catalysts”

– Activated base heterogeneous catalysts – nickel or copper, according to Raney process.

CPC – “Continuous Process Catalysts”

– Heterogeneous catalysts for continuous processes (fixed or fluidized bed).

Relying on a highly specialized team, Evonik develops specific solutions for each client.

Soil Conditioners – STOCKOSORB®500

Totally atoxic for plants, STOCKOSORB®500 is a potassium-based acrylic-acrylamide copolymer, used as a water superabsorbent soil conditioner for the planting of a number of agricultural, forest crops or landscaping applications. It boots water storage capacity in sandy and sandy loam soils.

Surfactants – BREAK-THRU®

BREAK-THRU® has superior spreading and wetting properties as compared to conventional surfactants in the market. They are non-diluted, non-ionic, organo-siloxane modified products.


Evonik offers the agro-chemical market a large variety of special solvents, such as ISOFORONA, which is a high molecular weight solvent used as a carrier for a number of herbicides and fungicides.In addition, the company supplies silica which enhances the application and efficiency of the agrochemicals in planting and breeding and which is also used in pesticide production.