Innovative Solutions for Animal Nutrition

Following its commitment to contribute to our customer success, Evonik invests in the constant development of innovative products and in the delivery of effective solutions which improve the profitability for the Animal Nutrition sector. Evonik produces f

Essential amino acids


– Synthetic amino acid to ensure balanced nutrition and proper growth for poultry and swine.


– Superior form of Lysine with several advantages to Animal Nutrition. Biolys® has a minimum L-Lysine content of 50.7%.


– With a minimum 98.5% content on dry matter basis, it is especially beneficial in low protein diets with high grain content.


– Essential amino acid with specific effects on feed consumption and weight gain, especially in the initial stage of animal production.


– Is a DL-Methionine-based product especially developed for high production dairy cattle.



offers a complete range of analysis services of amino acid and ingredients in raw materials and animal feeds. The results help our customer make strategic decision related to formulation or purchasing of raw material. Our animal nutrition and product handling consulting services complete the product line.

Other products

Evonik is also a global leader in silica production and with its brand name SIPERNAT®, the company helps customers to find ideal solutions for product handling in animal feed production.



  • AMINODat®
  • AMINOLab®
  • AMINOProx®


Animal Nutrition

  • Amino News™
  • Amino Cow®


Handling Solutions

  • Amino Sys®
  • Faces ® 

Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine - Feedstuff Composition and Nutritional Requirements

We support and truly believe in scientific projects. To all authors and the Federal University of Viçosa our greatest congratulation and appreciation for the book.

Find bellow the 4th edition of the Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine - Feedstuff Composition and Nutritional Requirements book.