Innovative Solutions for Health and Personal Care

Evonik is present behind the scenes in everyone’s life by offering products used in the production of drugs, cosmetics and toothpastes, to name a few. We make the technology available for the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, from the development of new active ingredients to the dosage and release within the body. The effective integration of the know-how of the units operating in a number of countries represents a differentiator for the customers. Because of its full-fledged portfolio of products and excellence synthesis and formulations services, Evonik outstands as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

Amino acids, keto acids, dipeptides, salts and derivatives

As a worldwide leader in the production of amino acids, the subsidiary Evonik Rexim offers essential components to the manufacturing of products for parenteral and child nutrition, food supplements in addition to drugs, cosmetics and flavoring agents.

Additives – AEROSIL®, Dynasylan®, SIPERNAT®

Evonik’s additives contribute to drug manufacturing in liquid or solid forms, in addition to promoting its correct absorption by the body. As for dental care, the products clean teeth by abrasion, control the viscosity and enable transparent gels to be manufactured. In the cosmetic segment, they make creams and protectors more pleasant for use, including make-ups. Water resistant and sweat proof, these materials can be used to produce deodorants which do not stain dark clothes and turn oils into gels.

Sanitizers and Disinfectants – HYPROX® and Clorhexidine Salts

Widely employed as a bactericide, Clorhexidine Digluconate is used in products for skin disinfection, injury treatment, sterilization of surgical equipment and installations, in addition to its preservative properties in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations.

In the area of veterinary medicine, the product is used in drugs for mastitis treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide grade HYPROX® is a disinfectant used in industry for surfaces and equipments disinfection.

Cosmetics – HYPROX®

Hydrogen Peroxide HYPROX® is used in the cosmetics segment in the hair bleach and dye formulations.

Precious Metal- or Activated Nickel/Copper-based Chemical Catalysts

PMPC – “Precious Metal Powder Catalysts”

– Heterogeneous catalysts based on supported precious metals for the production of pharmaceuticals and fragrances.

ABMC – “Activated Base Metal Catalysts”

– heterogeneous catalysts based on activated metals – nickel or copper, manufactured according to Raney process.

Relying on a highly specialized team, Evonik develops specific solutions for each client.

Environmental applications – HYPROX®

Hydrogen Peroxide is known by its environmental friendly characteristics due to the fact that it introduces no additional or interfering substances other than water into the reaction system. HYPROX® is used in drinking water treatment, soil and groundwater remediation, sewage and in industrial effluent treatment, among others.