Evonik. Innovative solutions for different types of Industries

The variety of Evonik’s portfolio enables the company to offer solutions and services to a number of markets, with specific technologies which provide high performance and efficiency. Important industrial segments, such as automotive, electrical and electronics, civil construction, lighting, food, agriculture and cosmetics – may benefit from highly innovative products.

Food – additives AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT®, Hydrogen Peroxide grades HYPROX® and OXTERIL®

Evonik’s presence is in the backstage of everyone’s lives through the food industry. The additives ensure fluidity and flavoring to powdered foods.

Hydrogen Peroxide grade HYPROX® is used as a bleaching agent in the food industry for products such as sugar, maw, gut, calf’s foot jelly and gelatine.

OXTERIL® is a Hydrogen Peroxide special grade used for aseptic packaging for many types of foodstuffs, such as drink, milk products, sauces, soups, etc.

Textile Bleaching – HYPROX®

Hydrogen Peroxide is the chemical of choice in the bleaching of cotton and linen. Bleaching to high brightness with top fiber properties can be conducted in a multitude of different bleaching conditions.

Laundry – PERALKALI®

Evonik has developed PERALKALI®, a new grade of Hydrogen Peroxide which can improve the performance of color-safe bleach by improving the stability of the Hydrogen Peroxide at alkaline pH up to 10.


Evonik offers essential raw materials for the production of defoarmers, which are used in different types of industries, from paints to foodstuff.

Batteries and Separators – AEROSIL®, SIPERNAT®

Evonik’s products are part of the batteries: they provide conductivity to the plates, prevent contact between these plates in the separators and transform liquid into gel, thus improving the quality and durability (known as “no maintenance” batteries).

Fire extinguishers – SIPERNAT®

The additives improve the performance of the extinguishers during fire fighting, making the powder flow easily through the cylinder.

Glass Fiber – Dynasylan®

Evonik’s solution improves the resistance of the parts made of glass fibers by means of the treatment received during or after the fiber production.

Greases and Lubricants – AEROSIL®

Evonik’s product which modifies the properties of greases and lubricants rending their performance ideal in extreme situations of applications in the industries: high speed agitation, high and low temperatures.

Electrical and Electronics Industry (lighting and chemical-mechanical polishers) – AERODISP®, AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE®

Evonik’s solutions for light bulbs and electronic circuits make our equipment work with high technology.

Thermal Insulation – AEROSIL®, SIPERNAT®

The use of these raw materials provides better performance in thermal insulations.

Foundry Industry – Dynasylan®

Product used as additive in resins to improve the bonding with the sand when used in large quantities, thus generating a compound for the manufacturing of molds for the foundry industry.

Protection in Construction – Dynasylan® SIVO, Protectosil®

The products protect surfaces, such as those of wood and glass. They avoid water or oil absorption, protect against graffiti, and inhibits corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete in construction works.

Printing Inks/Toners – AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE®, NIPex®, IDIS®,

In tandem with the new technologies, Evonik offers raw materials and additives which improve the productivity and quality of printing inks.

Treatment of Fillers and Pigments – Dynasylan®

The additives improve the interaction of fillers and pigments with different polymers. They may be applied in cosmetics, paints and rubbers, to name a few.

Treatment of Metals – Dynasylan® HYDROSIL, Dynasylan® SIVO

Metal treatment which provides water and oil proofing properties thus allowing the use of post-treated natural metal parts for different purposes and requiring no further paint.


The technology allows glass to be manufactured in an innovative and efficient manner. The products are also present in the finishing step, providing different characteristics to the surfaces.