Evonik. Innovative Solutions for the Coatings Industry

Highly innovative products with unique characteristics are part of the portfolio that Evonik offers the coatings industry, which accounts for approximately 10% of the company’s total sales.

Evonik has more than 35 research and development centers working with the purpose of finding new solutions around the world by means of its products so as to help its clients reach better results. In addition, Evonik offers a full range of services and worldwide support to all its products.

The technological trends offered to the coating market are just some of the many innovations that make Evonik the creative force in specialty chemicals.

Additives – AEROSIL®, TEGO®, Dynasylan®, VESTOWAX®

The additives are used in paints to prevent defects or to provide special properties. In most cases, they are responsible for properties such as gloss, color stability, adhesion or smoothness on the paint surface. Evonik offers optimized products, such as dispersion additives, defoamers, deairants, moisturizers, additives for radiation curing, rheological additives, adhesion promoters, hydrophobilizing agent, antisettling agents, antioxidants, as well as different resin types.


The color solutions provided by Evonik make it the market leader and the benchmark in the sector. With global production, service and support, it has the largest product portfolio among the colorants and pigments for the printing ink, paint and coating industry. The company outstands for its color technology and development of tintometric systems.


Evonik is one of the largest suppliers of high performance crosslinkers to the paint industry. These products are of utmost importance to most high technology paints.


The matting agents ACEMATT® are silica whose surface may be treated or not and are used to provide a matted finish to a number of applications. The basic requirements for these products are: easy dispersion, good suspension behavior, little influence on rheological properties and high transparency. The matte hardeners of the VESTAGON® line are standards as regards global quality and technology for powder coatings.

The matting effect of the water-based powder coatings may also be produced through the addition of micronized wax of the VESTOWAX® line.

Raw materials for resins – Methacrylic Monomers, POLYOIL®, Synthetic Resins, VESTAMIN®, Dynasylan®, VESTANAT®

Global supplier to the resin industry, Evonik offers a wide range of raw materials: high performance monomers as well as special polymers and oligomers. These products are essential for all cutting-edge technologies and for the formulation environments with high solid contents, water-based systems, UV curing paints and powder coatings, in addition to adhesives and modern sealants.


Continuous research has lead Evonik to develop polymers such as solutions, dispersions, emulsions, and solid products based on acrylates and metacrylates. These products of the DEGALAN® line offer high weather resistance, color-fastness and high gloss.

Widely used as decorative, maritime paints for containers, traffic paints and those for metals, among other applications.