Evonik. Innovative Solutions for the Plastics Industry

From polymers to products which enhance their performance, Evonik offers solutions and services to all steps of plastics production chain. Major industrial segments – such as automotive, electrical and electronics, civil construction, lighting, oil & gas, agriculture, shoe and decorative – may count on Evonik’s wide-ranging portfolio, including highly innovating products. Decades of investments in research and development are translated into products and solutions which offer technology to the plastic industry, thus ensuring the excellence in the production processes, lower environmental impacts and improved life quality.


Even though they are used in small quantities, additives are essential to the optimized performance of polymers. Among other functions, they provide smoother sliding of a plastic surface against the other antiblocking agents), make fillers and pigments compatible with the polymeric matrix and provide increased scratch resistance.

Catalysts – Catylen S® (MgE – support) e Catylen D® (isotactic agents)

In its porfolio, Evonik has a range of components used in the manufacturing of catalysts for olefins: Ziegler-Natta catalyst support (Catylen S®) and additives for tacticity control, which enhance the properties and the quality of polymers (Catylen D®).

With a highly specialized team, the company develops special projects such as metalocens and solutions customized to each client.

Raw materials and Additives for Adhesives and Sealants – AEROSIL®, DEGALAN®, DYNACOLL®, DYNAPOL® S, Dynasylan®, Methacrylic Monomers, POLYOIL®, POLYVEST® and VESTOPLAST®.

Adhesives and Sealants are present in our daily lives: in vehicles, in books, in household sealing applications, in food packages, among others.

We supply raw materials for several types of adhesives (liquid, hot melt, reactive), and we also modify their characteristics through our additives, changing their viscosity, improving adhesion in different substrates, assigning color to the system among other benefits. Therefore, Evonik contributes to the manufacturing of environmentally correct products with high performance and durability.

Acrylic Monomers and Polymers – MMA, ACRYLITE®, ACRYLITE PLUS®, ACRYMID®, CYROLITE®, XT®

With an integrated chain of acrylic monomers and polymers, Evonik offers the most complete portfolio to markets such as the automotive, optical, medical-hospital, aeronautics and electrical & electronics. In addition to MMA monomer, with the highest purity and quality, the company offers acrylic resins and sheets with ultra high transparency and special resins with excellent performance in high temperatures and sterilization.


Evonik’s Carbon Black pigments provide excellent performance for plastics when referring to high UV resistance, electrical conductivity, and color customization. There are specific customizations for situations of contact with food which meet FDA’s requirements (US Food and Drug Administration).


Evonik has a full-fledged line of customized materials, systems and semi-finished products based on high performance polymers.

The company manufactures high performance plastics based on special polyamide 12 compounds, transparent polyamides, co-polyamides, PBT, PMMI sheets and polyimide foams. Other polymers – used in the replacement of metals and in ultra-high temperature applications, such as Polyether-ether-ketone and Polyphtalamides – complete the portfolio.