Evonik. Innovative Solutions for the Rubber Industry

Always with an alert eye on the market needs, Evonik offers a broad and innovative product portfolio to the rubber industry. Its strategy to invest on a continuous basis in innovation is translated into actions.

Silicas and Silicates – ULTRASIL®, AEROSIL®

Evonik offers a great variety of silica for reinforcing rubber compounds. ULTRASIL® family is recommended for several applications, such as tires, technical rubber items, camel-back and shoe soles.

Organosilanes – Si 69® and Dynasylan®

Used in high quality rubber compounds together with fillers. They are especially effective in combination with reinforcing precipitated silica. The organosilanes help silica to bond chemically to the polymer, improving processability and producing excellent dynamic and static properties. The introduction of silica/silanes revolutionized the tire manufacturing arena. Si69® was the first and it is still the most important of all these products. Evonik has added new items to the line, catering for other applications.

Silane-Modified Silica – COUPSIL®

The variety of Evonik’s options includes the silane-modified silica series under the brand name COUPSIL®. The combination of different silanes with silica from different specific surface areas offers a significant variation and enables the manufacture of rubber products on demand, according to the client’s needs.

Addititives for Rubber – COFILL®11, TMPTMA(TRIM), POLYOIL®, POLYVEST®, TAC

COFILL®11 is a mixture of 50% resorcin and 50% silica, which may be incorporated into the rubber compounds. Its main applications are in steel wires for radial tires, steel parts of truck tires, conveyor belts, transmission systems, rubber hoses and fabrics.

Precious Metals-based Chemical Catalysts

Heterogeneous catalysts based on supported precious metals used in the production of additives and emulsifiers for rubber. Relying on a highly specialized team, special projects are developed and specific solutions are found for each customer.