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As the world's population keeps growing, so does the demand for meat, fish, milk, and eggs.

That's why the animal feeds industry relies on amino acids as protein building blocks in a balanced diet, especially for poultry and pigs, but increasingly also for fish. Because they get the optimum supply of amino acids, the animals eat less and, consequently, they excrete less.

This produces a better CO2 balance, reduces over-fertilization of the soil and reduces the impact on waterways. In addition, the targeted use of amino acids increases the efficiency of animal farming and, consequently, also of food production for humans. After all, a balanced diet for animals is a requirement for a healthy diet for humans.

Evonik is the only company in the world to produce and market all four important amino acids for modern animal nutrition DL-methionine, Biolys® (L-lysine), L-threonine, and L-tryptophan. The company also offers a wide range of services along the entire supply chain. These include analytical services for the formulation of tailored feed recipes and fully automatic dosing systems for the precise control of amino acid additives.