Product Details


AERODISP® W 7330 N is a water-based dispersion of AEROSIL® fumed silica with a high solids content and an alkaline pH value.

Scope of Application

Applications Clear and pigmented waterborne sealants Efficient rheology control and reinforcement agent while maintaining high transparency Excellent dispersant for pigments Mixes easily with arylic, polyurethane and other waterborne latexes Sizing / coating pigment for inkjet paper to enhance Color strength (gamut and optical density) Print uniformity (mottle & grain) Print resolution (line growth, raggedness & blur) Anti-slip agent for paper bags Properties High solids content (approx. 30%) Nano-sized primary particles Superior rheological behavior High formulation flexibility and ease of handling Appearance AERODISP® W 7330 N is a milky-white liquid

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