Product Details

Dynasylan® TES

Dynasylan® TES is a selective reducing and silylating agent.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® TES is thermally stable and reacts readily with water or alcohols in presence of acids or bases under formation of highly flammable hydrogen gas. Dynasylan® TES is the hydride source in many selective reductions among which is the reduction of acetals and ketals to ethers (1). In combination with an alkoxysilane, triethylsilane can bring about the reductive etherification of ketones or aldehydes (2). Dynasylan® TES is also suitable for the selective reduction of alkenes, alkynes, aldehydes, carboxylic esters, imines, nitriles, phospine oxides, sulfur compounds etc. Additionally Dynasylan® TES reacts as silylating agent e.g. for derivatization of alcohols, phenols, etc. (1) Kotsuki, H., et al. Chem. Letters, 1988, 927.(2) Kato, J.; Iwasawa, N.; Mukaiyama, T., Chem. Letters, 1985, 743.

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