Product Details


AEROSIL® R 812 is a high thickening fumed silica surface treated with HMDS.

Scope of Application

Properties The product has a large specific surface area and is very hydrophobic Good flowability and dispersion properties Excellent effect in the rheological control of complex liquid systems (such as 2 K PUR coatings) Because of the fineness of the particles and the very marked hydrophobia, the product acts as an excellent flow agent for fine powders up to 1 µm Applications Very efficient rheological control additive and also used for thixotropy control in polar to semi-polar coating systems and in adhesive and sealant materials Efficient effect as flow agent in very different applications, such as powder coatings, toners, or cosmetics Enhances the anti-corrosion properties for coatings To improve the storage stability of oil dispersions in agrochemicals Improves the mechanical properties of various polymer systems, such as silicone rubber In coatings and adhesives, AEROSIL® R 812 acts as an anti-settling agent, stabilizes pigments, and increases the anti-corrosive effect  

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