Product Details


ZEODENT® 103 Silicon Dioxide offers excellent cleaning and whitening when used as a stand alone abrasive, or it can be used in combination with ZEODENT® 113 or ZEODENT® 116 silicas. At varying dosage levels, ZEODENT® 103 Silicon Dioxide allows formulators to achieve a broad range of cleaning and whitening performance.To achieve the greatest cleaning, formulate at 15 – 20%. In combination with standard abrasives, the use of ZEODENT® 103 at 2 – 10% concentration will enhance the whiting of a standard cleaning formula with moderate increases in abrasion.

Scope of Application

High level of cleaning Can be formulated alone or in combination with other Evonik cleaning silicas for enhanced cleaning and whitening Cost effective way to increase levels of cleaning and whitening High level of compatibility with active ingredients

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