Product Details


ZEODENT® 124 Silicon Dioxide is Evonik’s medium-to-high cleaning silica, offering improved optical performance over ZEODENT® 103. It also has reduced abrasion, making it gentler on teeth enamel. When formulated with ZEODENT® 116, we gentle cleaning silica provides equivalent levels of cleaning at significantly reduced levels of abrasion for the same total loading of silica. This gives formulators the ability to develop toothpastes that can deliver the benefits of high cleaning and stain removal while reducing the impact on enamel, dentin and the gum line.

Scope of Application

Medium/high level of cleaning Can be formulated alone or in combination with Evonik high cleaning silicas for enhanced cleaning Improved optical performance compared to high cleaning silicas High level of compatibility with active ingredients Reduced abrasion vs. high cleaning silicas

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