Central & South America

Evonik has been present in Argentina since 1969. In 2013, in Puerto San Martin, it opened a production plant for sodium methylate for the biodiesel industry, a field in which Evonik has a global leading position with its broad expertise and proven technology. We also have offices in Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru; and have resale and distribution representatives in the remaining countries of the region.

In Brazil, where the business platform is located, Evonik employs around 600 people spread throughout its headquarters in São Paulo and four production plants. A hydrogen peroxide production unit in Aracruz (Espírito Santo); two production facilities in Americana (São Paulo), one producing ingredients for the cosmetics and homecare industries, and the other manufacturing precipitated silica for the rubber, agrichemical, and feed & food markets; and a plant in the city of Castro (Paraná) for the biotechnological production of Biolys®, an amino acid used in the animal nutrition industry.

Evonik has four distribution centers altogether in Brazil located in Araucária (Paraná), Guarulhos (São Paulo), Mucuri (Bahia), Rio Grande (Rio Grande do Sul) and Itajaí (Santa Catarina).

The company offers services focused on its customers’ needs, with modern laboratories to cater to the animal nutrition, personal care, pharmaceuticals, crosslinkers and paints markets; and a technical center for polyurethanes.

Evonik Industries: the creative industrial group

Evonik’s products are used as raw materials in relevant market segments such as: automotive, agrichemical, biodiesel, rubber, civil construction, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, animal nutrition, pulp and paper, plastics, chemistry, and coatings.

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world and generated sales of €18.5 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of €2.49 billion in 2022. Evonik goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. About 34,000 employees work together for a common purpose: We want to improve life today and tomorrow.

Its headquarter in Essen is responsible for the strategic management of the company, whose objective is to expand its technological leadership in the respective business areas and consolidate as one of the most creative industrial groups in the world. Support with the slogan"Leading Beyond Chemistry", we think beyond the bounds of chemistry to make the world a better place. Today and tomorrow.

Evonik looks back on more than 150 years of history and many achievements. It has around 24,000 patents or patents pending, and more than 40 R&D centers worldwide. Its model of strategic research, which is characterized by customer proximity, cooperation and short development cycles, is an important pace setter when it comes to tapping new markets.

Leading in specialty chemicals

The core of Evonik’s corporate strategy is profitable growth and the sustained increase of the company’s value. Evonik benefits specifically from its innovative prowess and integrated technology platforms, which guarantee the company a leading position in several areas of operation.

Future oriented

Evonik already offers its customers all over the world products, services, and solutions that help them reduce consumption of natural resources, and CO2 emissions. This includes the production of raw materials essential to the solar energy industry; technology and products used in the green tire to reduce fuel consumption; modern, lightweight and economical materials to reduce energy consumption in the transport sector, among others.

The activity of research and development is an essential driver of innovation and success to Evonik, who invested more than €460 million in R&D in 2022. Our 2,700 highly qualified employees in more than 40 locations around the world carry out daily research on new substances, new products, new ideas and new models. To stay abreast of the latest scientific research, the company maintains more than 350 partnerships with universities in different countries.

Commitment to the environment

Evonik’s plants employ state-of-the-art technology to develop products and solutions that are at the same time intelligent, innovative and environmentally sound for several industries. Ever since the start of its operations, Evonik has been concerned with issues like preserving the environment and conducting its activities in a social responsible manner. So much so that it was one of the first companies in the world to be granted an environment protection patent by the German Imperial Registry in 1882.

Social responsibility

In addition to adopting a stringent control at its production facilities with the purpose of avoiding harmful impacts to the environment, Evonik has set in motion actions that contribute to improving the life quality of the communities surrounding its business units.

As a reflection of this corporate attitude, several projects aimed at social inclusion and supporting educational and cultural initiatives were developed in Brazil. Among those are the projects carried out in Aracruz (Espírito Santo) aiming at helping the underprivileged local communities, including children, teenagers and adults.