Defining our responsibilities

Beside commercial success our corporate responsibility comprises accountability for employees, environment, and society.

We define corporate responsibility as how we conduct our business and how we live up to our values. We seize opportunities and avoid risks that stem from economic, environmental, and social trends.

Corporate responsibility for Evonik centers around balancing economic, environmental, and social factors to achieve long-term success in business and secure the company’s sustainable development. Business success is therefore both: a precondition for and an aim of responsible corporate action.

We see it as part of our role as a responsible corporate citizen to take the interests of our stakeholders into account. These include shareholders, employees, customers, neighbors, and suppliers. Open dialog with stakeholders provides a basis for fair, respectful mutual dealings among all concerned, both inside and outside our organization.

Evonik is a member of “econsense”, the sustainable development forum of German industry. Through our Chemicals Business Area, we are a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and support Responsible Care, the global initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations, which promotes sustainable use of resources.


"Today and Tomorrow" - the title of our latest sustainability report is reflecting the forward-looking mindset that drives our our specialty chemical business. You can download the report here.or visit our Sustainability Report microsite.