Governance & Compliance

Whistleblower System

Our actions with respect to colleagues, business partners, shareholders and the public are characterized by integrity and responsibility. Evonik does not tolerate any violations of applicable laws or the Evonik Code of Conduct. Evonik considers that in today's business world, respecting the law is essential for the sustained national and international success of a company.

To be aware of any compliance violation Evonik provides various ways for internal and external whistleblower to report - anonymously if required.

Evonik investigates all alleged violations and treats all information with the greatest possible confidentiality. Evonik does not tolerate any disadvantage to whistleblowers who report possible or actual violations or cooperate in the investigation of such violations - except if the allegations comprise an abuse of the whistleblower system.

Any compliance violation may be reported, amongst others, through the following communication channels:

  • employees to their direct supervisor or non-employees to the respective Evonik business partner,
  • to the Chief Compliance Officer,
  • directly by phone or by e-mail to the Compliance Team of the Legal & Compliance division,
  • or - anonymously if required – through the electronic Whistleblower System.

The electronic Whistleblower System can be used to report potential compliance violation worldwide in 20 languages and anonymously if required. The electronic Whistleblower System is managed by a third party supplier. All data supplied in a report is maintained on secure servers in Germany. All reported content is handled exclusively by Evonik.