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Sustainable production and resourcing management are our promise of value

Volunteers of the Huellas para un Futuro Foundation.
Volunteers of the Huellas para un Futuro Foundation.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability, taking active responsibility for the preservation of biodiversity and clean, environmentally friendly production processes.

Our valuable partnership with the Huellas para un Futuro Foundation has been fundamental to our journey towards more conscious cosmetics. Together, we work to safeguard the biodiversity of the Misiones rainforest, recognized as one of the most diverse eco-regions on the planet and a geographic space rich in natural beauty, home to the Iguazú Falls, considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

We develop active ingredients for the cosmetics industry from plants of Latin American biodiversity.

Our priority is the conservation of global biodiversity and to sharing the benefits derived from its resource use in a fair and equitable manner. This strategic collaboration allows Misiones Rainforest’s assets to comply with the Nagoya Protocol of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which ensures traceability and equitable benefit sharing without altering the ecology of the place of origin.

This gives us sustainable access to plant-based raw materials and has facilitated the creation and launch of Oleobiota™, a botanical active ingredient that is aligned with our Planet, People and Product values, complies with the Nagoya Protocol and offers multiple benefits for oily and combination skin. This active ingredient from the Misiones rainforest is rich in tannins, modulates the oily microenvironments of the skin and scalp, prevents dysbiosis and balances the microbiota.