Market-oriented Research & Development



Our Performance Materials division brings together businesses with the same DNA. What belongs together, has come together. This is what we will build on:
Long-term customer relationships based on high quality, efficiency and reliability. Lean structures paired with continuous process optimization. Focus on resource-saving production, new applications and specialties.

The businesses of Performance Materials stand for 'forever young classics'. They describe our strengths and our basic attitude. We use them to refer to our products, applications, processes and technologies. Our aim is to reinvent ourselves again and again and to question and improve ourselves again and again. Because standing still means going backwards.

Moreover, progress and further development are fun. This is why the 'forever young classics' also stand for enjoying our work and actively shaping our future.

An example is 1,3-butadiene. Originally, it was based on coal, produced mainly for the tire industry. Over the years, coal was then replaced by oil. For the future we assume that secondary raw materials will increasingly form the basis of 1,3-butidiene. At the same time, new fields of application in multi-layer pipes and 3D printing are opening up all the time. Our product, 1,3-butadiene, however, remains the same.

With our 'forever young classics', we also contribute to Evonik's growth. We are part of "One Evonik" and support the purpose "Leading beyond Chemistry to improve life, today and tomorrow".

As the basis for many modern applications, our classics make the world a little better. For example, ITDA increases the cleaning power of surfactants. Potassium hydrogen carbonate makes muffins and much more low in sodium, while FAVOR® superabsorbents keep babies dry all over the worl. We are also working together with partners on future-oriented solutions, for example in carbonylation chemistry or heat storage.

We have had more than 2,000 employees at Performance Materials since 2022. The name is old, but our journey is new, our team is new and we are shaping our future with fresh ideas. Because it lies in our hands.