Applied Technology Center CSA


We meet customer needs with advanced handling and dosing solutions.

The pilot plant features the AMINOSys® state-of-the-art amino acid dosing system made available by Evonik to support animal feed manufacturers.

The equipment is responsible for the good results achieved with the high-precision amino acid dosing, in addition to the optimization and quality of feed mixes, contributing to reduce production costs.

In the pilot plant it is possible to train staff members responsible for the operation and maintenance of AMINOSys® to acquire in-depth knowledge of the technology and of the results achieved with the precision of amino acid dosing. All of this is carried out in an appropriate place, without the need of stopping production at customers plants. 

The facilities also allow for the development and testing of new, specific customer demands. In addition to dosing amino acids, the equipment is capable of dosing other animal feed ingredients.

The pilot plant has a simulator of the client’s line and an industrial dosing line of powder ingredients consisting of: silos dosing, big bags station, micro silos, and weight loss dosage. The innovative micro silo supports the sustainability business Health Solutions and other Solutions that Evonik offers to the market.