Applied Technology Center CSA


Sciencing the global food challenge.

With complete and modern facilities, the Animal Nutrition laboratory provides a host of nutritional content analysis of ingredients and finished feed conducted with the NIR technology. With its know-how in over 60 years of experience in wet chemistry analysis of amino acid, Evonik has been developing high quality NIR calibrations for over 20 years. 

The AMINONIR® service enables access to analysis of total and digestible amino acids (poultry and pigs); bromatological parameters and energy content in a simple, uncomplicated way. For soybean products, corn DDGS and rapeseed, the AMINONIR® RED service assesses the processing condition to which the ingredient was submitted, indicating whether the deactivation was efficient and/or if there was overprocessing. It also allows the adjustment in the amino acid digestibility levels in case the ingredient has been overprocessed.   

The results acquired from the AMINONIR services enable animal protein businesses to control their quality, purchase processes, monitor raw material suppliers and the quality of the finished feed. In the nutritional aspect, the services enable a precision nutrition, with low safety margins, which help reduce feed costs and guarantee the nutritional needs of the animals.