Applied Technology Center CSA


We deliver sustainable, high-performance and innovative technologies.

The Care Solutions laboratory serves the entire Latin American region with its product lines Cosmetic Solutions, Active Ingredients, and Cleaning Solutions.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly skilled technical staff, its goal is to provide comprehensive and agile support to customers' projects in the beauty, personal care, domestic and institutional cleaning sectors. This support includes from the creative process of formulas inspired by market trends, prototyping, and physicochemical analysis, to performance testing and stability assessment using various internationally recognized equipment and processes.

The services and competencies of the Care Solutions laboratory include support for developments in textile care and surface cleaning assessment technologies, such as wet abrasion equipment, immersion test and assessments using spectrophotometry.

For cosmetics applications, we conduct sensory testing on hair swatches and half-head; frizz and hairstyle retention evaluation; and have technologies for instrumental analysis in hair care like combing strength and measurement of hair breakage from thermal and/or mechanical damage.