Applied Technology Center CSA


We contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable world.

The Comfort & Insulation laboratory (Polyurethanes Technical Center) is equipped to assess and suggest applications for Evonik products to the sectors of flexible, molded, rigid, and high-density PU foams used, respectively, in furniture and mattresses, automobiles, thermal insulation, and other applications.   

To that end, Evonik offers its clients in the Central & South America region customized projects, problem solution, simulation of industrial-scale production processes (through the pilot plant), physical property measurements, infrastructure support for laboratory construction, and professional technical reports.

The laboratory has seven exhaust hoods, three for foam production and one for foam burn tests. Foams can also be produced in pilot scale (1m3 blocks) to better reproduce customers production results, helping them to identify the best formulation to comply with the requirements of current technical standards. 

In addition, there are physical testing equipment, including resilience and hardness, tear, tensile and elongation tests, as well as fatigue testing equipment for flexible foams. The facilities are available to the entire polyurethane industry, whether customers, distributors, raw material manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, and other Evonik partners.

With over 50 years of experience, the business line anticipates industry trends and establishes close relationships with customers through technical experts working in competence centers strategically positioned worldwide.