Applied Technology Center CSA


We contribute to feeding the world with sustainability.

The applied technology laboratories of the Interface & Performance business line cater to the agricultural, construction, water-based adhesives, and recycling markets. Their target audience includes from formulators up to, in some cases, end users of Evonik’s solutions.    

With a technical staff comprising experts like PhDs and undergraduates in Chemistry, and state-of-the art laboratories, its purpose is to respond quickly to the demands of these markets by providing customized solutions to our clients in Brazil and South America as a whole.   

The laboratories have the necessary infrastructure and technical capability to offer trainings and support to our customers in various formulations and sectors. For the agricultural market, for example, these include: agricultural pesticides, adjuvants, fertilizers and biostimulants; seed treatment with equipment such as plantability, seed flow meter, dust meter (Heubach dustmeter), germination chamber, among others; formulations containing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi for bio-pesticides and bio-inoculants. 

Additives that improve the properties of mortars, concrete and other materials used in the construction sector combined with modern equipment that allow for tests and developments to be carried out using the Business Line’s broad product portfolio with a focus on specialties that act on the physical-chemical processes of surfaces and interfaces.