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Adhesives and Sealants

What do baby diapers, trainers, and automobiles have in common? Indeed, they are all held together by adhesives.

Evonik’s portfolio of products includes a remarkably broad variety of raw materials for adhesives and sealants for a multitude of applications.

Cable fillers from Evonik provide exceptional waterproofing properties and also provide good flexibility even at low temperatures. A specialty adhesive ensures that the different layers of a floor covering adhere to one another and in electrical engineering, surface-mounted components are bonded on. Functional silane additives help increase the chemical adhesive power. Without these, many high-performance adhesives for chemical anchors and glass fiber reinforced plastics would simply not be possible. Furthermore, fumed silica is used as rheological additive and active reinforcing agent in adhesives and sealants.

In anaerobic adhesives, methacrylate monomers ensure that bolts in machines don't become loose and in automobile construction a copolyamide hot melt adhesive connects metal and plastic to form hybrid components, saving up to 25 percent of the material in the process.

Products from Evonik also play an important role in the recovery of renewable energies. Individual elements of wind turbines, solar cells and photovoltaic systems are bonded together. Of course, the main issue here is the extraordinary demands that are placed on such an adhesive. For example, wind turbines not only have to stand up to high wind speeds - they also have to withstand saltwater and corrosion. Evonik is here active with essential additives like fumed silicas and organofunctional silanes for effective adhesive pastes, laminating resins, and gelcoats.

In your house you may find raw materials from Evonik that are used to glue timber floors to the underground securely but also elastically. Using these products enables the production of adhesives that are characterized by exceptional environmental compatibility and high levels of efficiency.

In the bathroom, silicones from Evonik make sure that bathtub and shower cabinet have a watertight connection to the tiles. A newly renovated bathroom can also be used sooner, since sealants containing silicones from Evonik cure quicker and are completely odorless.