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Evonik offers a wealth of raw materials for the coatings industry. Be it cars, cell phones, or parquet flooring: materials of all kinds are protected from stubborn scratches when the coating contains fine-grained silicas or nanocomposites from Evonik.

Fumed silica is used in paints and coatings, for example, to control the rheological properties or as an anti-settling agent and also to improve rustproofing. Thanks to special monomers, the surfaces of articles of daily use are no longer susceptible to alcohol-based cleaning materials. For example, the products from Evonik also provide optimum protection against environmental effects for newly renovated concrete surfaces.

High demands are placed on car paints and coating technology in terms of quality, durability, and environmental compatibility. Evonik offers low-solvent, methacrylate-based systems to suit the special requirements of its customers.

When used as coatings, polyamide powders protect metal surfaces and, as additives, they improve the properties of paints. With special treatment the powders form antimicrobial surfaces and thus help prevent infection, even combating multi-resistant germs.

Evonik coatings are also an optimum solution for food packaging. Food is protected reliably against external influences through a combination of outstanding adhesive properties with flexibility and surface hardness.

Methacrylate monomers from Evonik used in binders for automotive clear coat finishes provide high gloss, scratch resistance, and durability. Other specialty products used in dispersion paints for outdoor use improve adhesion on weathered substrates.

Even though many additives are often used only in small quantities they still improve the quality and performance characteristics of the coating. For example, glide and flow additives and substrate wetting additives create even flow properties and an ideal surface smoothness. Organofunctional silanes increase for example the adhesion of coatings and moreover enhance the corrosion protection of the varnishes.