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Lightweight construction and weight reduction are driving elements in many areas of industry. The latest lightweight designs use Evonik technologies for composite and sandwich components and polymer glazing.

With various raw materials and additives from Evonik, composites are incredibly stable despite their light weight. Used in the aerospace, automotive and wind turbine industries, these components are already reliable companions on the road to lightness. And also to an improved quality of life: Evonik has developed an innovative product to optimize prostheses that opens up many new opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

500 HP with lightness on the rear axle? Products from Evonik already allow steel drive shafts to be replaced by shafts made from composite materials. This not only saves weight, but also space, since the composite is more stable than conventional steel with less thickness.

Products from Evonik are also found in composite materials that are used in inlays for tooth fillings. The ingredient from Evonik gives the filling the hardness required to bite hard.