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Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom, products from Evonik lend an exclusive, high-gloss look to furniture.

Customized requirements are also met - from furnishing a boutique through restaurant design to prestigious office furniture. Timeless elegance and high standards of quality facilitate interior design concepts which make people feel content.

And everything is shown in the best possible light - thanks to special PMMA molding compounds. This high-quality plastic is used for indirect interior lighting, for example, but it also allows a lot more experimentation with lighting concepts. Many designers make use of the outstanding properties to realize their light installation visions. For example, park benches can be lit up in the dark.

Thanks to the virtually unlimited variety of modern vinyl wallpaper that is available these days, there are almost no boundaries set when it comes to individual living design. Many different surface structures would not be possible without the plasticizers from Evonik, which, for example, create the optimum conditions for the manufacture of foam structures and bouclé surfaces.