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Electronics and Telecommunications

The innovative strength of Evonik is indispensable in the electronics and telecommunications sectors. Evonik Industries markets flame retardants that provide reliable fire protection to computer housings that are exposed to heat.

Evonik also has the optimal solution for moisture: if water gets into electrical cables, polymers immediately swell to prevent it from advancing any further. Cavities are promptly sealed and damage is restricted to a small area. In this way, all key technical and economic requirements of rapidly advancing developments in the cable industry are satisfied.

Evonik's special PMMA molding compounds are particularly in demand due to their high transparency, light transmission capacity and rugged surface. High optical purity molding compounds are used to manufacture optic fibers that are edge-lit by LEDs and are the key element of backlight units - the lighting modules of TFT LC displays - to ensure that the entire screen is illuminated evenly. In order to drive TFT LC or OLED displays in the most efficient way Evonik has developed a new metal oxide semiconductor ink which is applied in an innovative solvent-based coating process.

LEDs constitute part of the fastest-growing lighting market in the world. Owing to their effectiveness and longevity, they have even surpassed conventional light bulbs. Lenses manufactured with products from Evonik are used in many LED lamps. These high-quality LED silicone lenses are extremely versatile and available in a broad variety of shapes. They make a great many applications possible and ensure that the latest generation of LEDs sparkles. To manufacture LEDs, reflector sockets made from pure white polyphthalamide increase the degree of reflection and, consequently, the light yield. Electronic components can be covered with transparent polyamide hot melt adhesive to protect them against moisture.

Evonik is also the world's biggest supplier of pyrogenic metal oxides, with proven success in supplying the semiconductor industry with abrasive particles for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) - a technology that is used in the manufacture of integrated circuits.

In case of fire, cables should not burn or smolder and should definitely not emit toxic gases. Evonik supplies components for cable sheathing that addresses these requirements. In addition, fumed silicas are used as thixotropic agents in cable gels to protect the sensitive glass fibers in fiber optic cables.

Toners for today's laser printers are high-tech products. High resolutions are possible only with the use of specially treated fumed silicas from Evonik. So that the ink in inkjet printers doesn't bleed and so that it dries quickly, the paper is coated with silanes and silicas.