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Creative solutions from Evonik Industries in environmental technology involve, on the one hand, efficient handling of valuable resources and, on the other hand, active protection of the environment.

Both aspects are combined in the additive we have developed for firefighting water. The liquid polymer mixture thickens the water and can absorb more heat. This reduces water consumption, and forest fires are extinguished faster.

Peracetic acid-based disinfectants developed by Evonik contribute to the protection of sensitive ecosystems. They clear microorganisms from the ballast tanks of large ocean freighters. As stowaways in international marine traffic, these organisms could otherwise disturb the equilibrium of alien eco-systems.

Another contribution in terms of resource conservation is energy recovery from the sun. For example, photovoltaic modules are subjected to the extremes of nature. The sun that is necessary for the purpose of these modules is also the cause of constant stress, which the PMMA molding compounds from Evonik are able to withstand in the long term. The specific properties of the material also ensure a high energy yield and help make solar power more economically viable.

Concentrated photovoltaic systems are especially efficient. High precision lenses are needed to concentrate the sunlight extremely strongly. This is another area where the material is ideal because of its specific transmission characteristics and outstanding optical properties, its high resistance to weathering and UV rays, its accurate mold surface reproduction of even very small structures and its low weight. All of this helps ensure optimal utilization of the sunlight.

Water is a valuable commodity and particularly where many people live on a small area, recycling drinking water is very important. In water treatment plants, flocculants with additives from Evonik help remove even the finest particles from the water quickly.