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Evonik products are ubiquitous and simplify everyday life. Among the most conspicuous examples are our superabsorbents for use in baby diapers and feminine and adult hygiene products.

These polymers, initially in the form of a powder, swell on contact with liquid to form a gel that encapsulates and stores the bound liquid - even under pressure.

And to ensure a relaxing and healthy sleep, Evonik offers components for the perfect mattress: Due to their special feature,to adapt individually to a person's body, viscoelastic mattresses made from polyurethane foam ensure the perfect feeling while lying in bed. Because of their cell-stabilizing and regulating properties, polyurethane additives from Evonik cause the mattress to gently hug the body, which ensures that one experiences a relaxing and beneficial sleep.

Every single one of us can help reduce CO2 emissions in our everyday lives. Household refrigerator and freezer combinations with good thermal insulation help to reduce unnecessary energy losses and save power costs. The cell-regulating polyurethane additives from Evonik make an essential contribution to the outstanding properties of polyurethane rigid foam for the insulation of refrigerators. This is because the smaller the cells are, the better the rigid foam insulates. With its activities to prevent the waste of energy, Evonik is not only making an important contribution in terms of resource efficiency, it also saves money for consumers.

Thermal insulation is another important subject - especially with respect to one of today's most important issues, resource efficiency. Growing environmental awareness and constantly rising energy prices are responsible for the strongly increasing demand for insulation materials. Good insulation can help save heating costs in new buildings, but also in existing buildings. Polyurethane foam insulation boards can considerably reduce heat losses through the roof and walls. It is the cell structure of the polyurethane foam that is responsible for its good insulation properties. Polyurethane additives from Evonik are essential additives without many polyurethane foams could not be produced. They also have a big influence on the cell structure and allow insulation properties to be optimized.

Improved seating comfort and lower noise levels inside automobiles create a pleasant atmosphere for drivers and their passengers. As essential additives for the manufacturing of many different polyurethane foam applications in the automotive industry, polyurethane additives from Evonik add to the comfort and general wellbeing of drivers and passengers. In foam production, the products from Evonik ensure a suitable cell structure balancing foam rebound and shrinkage. This not only improves the sound-absorbing properties of the headliner and the foot mats, but also the elasticity of the automobile seats.