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Seeing well while looking good: Evonik makes innovative design possible.

Articles of daily use such as eyeglasses not only need to satisfy the needs of the person wearing them but, nowadays, also ought to be stylish. Sunglasses have to protect wearers against light and drafts of air - regardless of whether people are beneath the blazing sun at the beach or on a snow-covered mountain in the depths of winter. Lenses made of a specially designed optical grade of transparent polyamide withstand every type of weather while featuring unsurpassed comfort thanks to their low weight. These lenses can also be laser-etched and colored.

Other persuasive arguments include outstanding durability due to excellent mechanical features on the one hand, and reliable safety thanks to exceptional resistance to fractures and stress cracks on the other. The same applies to the eyeglass frames. Eyewear for athletes or children are just two possible fields of application.

High purity special PMMA molding compounds fulfill the requirement for a wide range of optical applications, such as scratch and break resistant lenses for sunglasses and reading aids, binoculars and cameras, precise fresnel lenses in overhead projectors and lights in operating theaters, magnifying glasses and daylight systems.

And people who don't like wearing eyeglasses often choose contact lenses instead. Evonik supplies high purity hydroxyesters, an important raw material used in the production of soft contact lenses with high dimensional stability, oxygen permeability, and water absorption.