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Evonik maintains and promotes cooperation agreements with companies in the petrochemical industry.

For many years, Evonik has been identifying specific issues and finding solutions with respect to deriving chemical products from petroleum and natural gas. We help companies reduce out-of-stock situations (OOS situations) as well as boost manufacturing availability and production capacity.

A large range of available methods facilitates different types of precise analyses, which, for example, result in us providing specific additives for our customers. Evonik assists the industry with services such as checking raw materials and feedstock, choosing the best production additive, approval and certification of production batches, measuring emissions, processing complaints, and registration according to the German Chemicals Law (ChemG). Our scope of work also includes process enhancements and equipment inspections - after all, swift inspections of raw materials reduce the amount of items in storage, thereby cutting costs.

Membrane modules from Evonik generate added value in many different applications in the chemical processing industry: with the help of organophilic nanofiltration, they reduce energy consumption and increase the yield of liquid separation processes.