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Plastics and General Industry

In close collaboration with its customers and partners, Evonik develops products and system solutions for and with plastics. Our spectrum of services is designed to meet market and application requirements.

Evonik is active in all the important growth markets around the world. Our customer-specific products and solutions include raw materials, innovative additives, coatings and colorants, engineering polymers, high-performance polymers and semi-finished goods, which already fulfill the demands of tomorrow in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness.

Do you have to produce a complicated plastic part over night? Raw materials from Evonik make it possible. Rapid manufacturing is the magic word behind the production of tailored products. Many different components are manufactured with this process, such as precise-fitting housings for hearing aids or prototypes of aerodynamic components for Formula 1 cars.

All fibers, whether natural or synthetic based, need to have a certain finish such as a soft feel, smoothness or bulkiness, as well as hydrophilicity. This applies to terry towels, knitted and woven fabric as well as nonwovens. Evonik organomodified siloxanes possess the favorable surface characteristics of silicones. But they also have improved substantivity and/or hydrophilicity or lubrication properties through functionalization with quaternized groups containing nitrogen, polyether and/or alkyl groups. In order to cover all the requirements of textile applications our organomodified siloxanes can be combined with a variety of other finishing chemicals such as organic softeners.

Evonik offers softener emulsions for further dilution or blending with other chemicals and softener concentrates for the production of emulsions and/or formulations with other ingredients to formulators.

Under "Process Specialties" a large variety of surface active products and chemical building blocks are offered for formulation, for direct use and for chemical synthesis. The products come with chemical structure and physicochemical descriptions, but typically no specific application information is provided.

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