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New, modern packaging materials offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and functionality.

In times, where many products are similar, their visual impact becomes increasingly important. If candy packages, chocolate-bar wrappers, and Tetra Pak cartons look good, that is often thanks to chemistry from Evonik.

Solvent-free products make coatings, printing inks, and pigment pastes shine and gleam more brightly than ever before. Special bonding agents are used in printing inks and make a significant contribution in the printing of labels and packaging. Modern digital printing techniques demand special silicas for the appropriate printing substrate. Evonik provides this market with various fumed silica dispersions, fumed silica and alumina, as well as precipitated ones to realize performance benefits in terms of instant drying, excellent colors but also excellent thermal insulation. Good adhesion to plastics, textiles, and metals enables colorful results in many areas. Compared to many mineral products, these synthetic products excel thanks to their high transparency. And all that without putting any strain on the environment or on human health.

Products based on saturated polyester produce excellent results on almost every base surface and also offer maximum scuff resistance and flexibility.

Evonik also produces a range of fast dissolving polymers that are used in UV-hardened coatings, which deliver unique results on many different substrates without releasing any volatile components.