In-cosmetics Global 

This year Novachem had the opportunity to participate in in-cosmetics Global, a leading event for the cosmetics and personal care ingredients industry.

This event was held in Paris and brought together key players, providing a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and an essential platform of actives and raw materials for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

In the cosmetics industry, traceability of active ingredients is essential to ensure the quality and safety of products. During the fair, the exhibitors emphasized the importance of knowing the origin of ingredients and ensuring their ethical and sustainable sourcing.

Therefore, at Novachem, we take this responsibility very seriously and work to ensure the traceability and sustainability of our ingredients. That’s why we comply with to the Nagoya Protocol, an international agreement that seeks to ensure fair and equitable access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from their use. For this reason we work every day to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

Additionally, a brunch was also held prior to the in-cosmetics event, during which the trends shaping the development of cosmetic products were presented.

Finally, the in-cosmetics experience was enriching for both the team and the company. It was an opportunity to network with other industry leaders, learn about the latest trends in the cosmetics market, and an important platform for the pre-launch of Oleobiota™ to a global audience.

We invite you to get to learn more about Oleobiota™, an innovative and natural solution for skin and scalp care, which will be presented at the New York Suppliers' Day 2024 (NYSCC) in New York City on May 1st and 2nd of this year.