Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Creating the exceptional

If you want to change something, you have to be creative. Unusually creative. Our Sustainability Report for 2016 shows how successfully we are striking out in new and sustainable directions

Specialty chemicals company Evonik is driving forward the sustainability analysis of its business. This involves examining the contribution made by its products to resource efficiency in
the application phase, including energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste. The analysis covers Evonik's entire operating chemicals business.

The results of the sustainability analysis for 2016 confirm that around 50 percent of the sales generated by Evonik's chemical segments already come from products that make a measurable contribution to improving resource efficiency in the use phase. Examples are amino acids for animal nutrition, additives for hydraulic fluids, and functional silanes to protect building facades. The method used for this analysis was validated by an external auditor in spring 2017 and then published by Evonik.

Sustainable business activities and responsible conduct are cornerstones of Evonik's business model. Thomas Wessel, the Executive Board member responsible for sustainability at Evonik: “We experience the close relationship between ecologically and socially responsible conduct on the one hand and business success on the other on a daily basis in our interaction with employees, customers, investors and business partners.” Sustainability has been a growth driver at Evonik for many years and is an important criterion in customers’ purchasing decisions.