Press release
February 6, 2024

Evonik launches high-performance phosphate methacrylate VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100

  • Transparent flame-retardant, free of methyl methacrylate
  • Adhesion promoter for polar substrates
  • Increases corrosion resistance on metal substrates

Darmstadt, Germany. Evonik introduces VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100 to the market, a phosphate methacrylate monomer that is nonmigratory, and its effects are long-lasting. Incorporated by polymerization, HEMA-P provides transparent flame retardancy, improves adhesion, and reduces corrosion. It is an effective adhesion promoter and anti-corrosive agent. VISIOMER® HEMA-P can improve dispersibility and act as a complexing agent.

VISIOMER® HEMA-P is versatile and may be used as a monomer for emulsion and solution polymers, vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester composites, acrylic adhesives, acrylic water proofing resins and cast PMMA. Applications include coatings for wood, textiles and paper, direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, structural adhesives, waterproofing roofs and parking decks and architectural cast PMMA.

VISIOMER® HEMA-P stands out due to its high monoester content which helps ensure maximum performance.

Unlike traditional additives, VISIOMER® HEMA-P provides flame retardancy without compromising transparency or mechanical properties.

VISIOMER® HEMA-P is also available in a low viscosity 70% solution in MMA for easier handling. VISIOMER® HEMA-P 70M and the new VISIOMER® HEMA-P 100 are available globally.

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