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Personal Care
March 20, 2024

Evonik partners with Jland Biotech to market vegan collagen for cosmetic applications

  • Investment from Evonik’s Venture Capital group in Jland
  • Meets high market demand for vegan collagen for cosmetic and personal care applications
  • Next strategic step to expand Evonik’s collagen platform

Essen, Germany. Evonik is partnering with the Chinese company Jland Biotech to market vegan collagen for cosmetic and personal care applications. To maximize the benefits from a long-term, robust partnership, Evonik has invested in Jland Biotech through its Venture Capital group. The partnership will enable Evonik to provide commercial quantities of collagen for applications in skincare such as anti-aging and hydrating creams. The new collagen products, manufactured in collaboration with Jland, will be launched later this year, expanding Evonik’s existing product portfolio of vegan collagen. Evonik recently launched its own vegan collagen Vecollage™ Fortify L for cosmetic and personal care applications.

“Evonik’s life sciences division is using its biotechnology platform to leverage the expertise of its partners and collaborate on precision biosolutions. We welcome Jland to our partner network,” said Johann-Caspar Gammelin, President of the Nutrition & Care division. “Together with our expertise in active ingredients and delivery systems, we are creating a world-leading portfolio of non-animal derived collagen.”

“We value Jland’s outstanding approach to innovation and look forward to helping our customers develop the science-based, sophisticated beauty solutions that consumers worldwide are looking for,” said Yann d'Hervé, Head of Evonik's Care Solutions business line.

Collagen can be used as a bioactive in cosmetic and personal care applications to improve elasticity and hydration in the skin. Global trends towards sustainability is driving a demand for dermatological solutions with high concentrations of active ingredients. Vegan collagen is of particular interest for formulators developing cosmeceuticals – cosmetic products and bioactive ingredients that are effective in the deep layers of the skin and cater to the rising number of consumers following sophisticated skin regimens.

Jland Biotech is a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing non-animal-derived collagen. It was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Jingjiang, China. Jland’s core technology is centred around a production process that seamlessly incorporates efficiency and scalability. It develops collagen with multiple cosmetic, medical and food applications. The cosmetic range of collagen is fully registered with the Vegan Society.

Collagen is a protein found in human and animal structural tissues such as bones, cartilage, skin and nails. Currently, most collagen is derived from animal tissue, but non-animal collagen is increasingly in demand. Produced from bacteria or yeast through a controlled fermentation-based process, non-animal collagen is easier to formulate and better absorbed by the skin than animal-derived collagen. Fermentation-based collagen also has low immunogenicity and batch-to-batch variability and is highly reproducible.

Evonik is a specialist in concepts for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care, skin cleansing, active ingredients, alternative preservation and product stabilization. Evonik’s Nutrition & Care division is home to the company’s biotechnology excellence center and uses fermentation technologies across various high growth markets.


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