Information on COVID-19

The Coronavirus is spreading across the world. Evonik is closely monitoring the situation in all regions.

The welfare of our employees and our commitment to our customers and society are our main priorities. This includes ensuring that Evonik remains capable of operating, producing and supplying as comprehensively as possible. Because our clear goal is to minimize the health and economic impacts as much as possible.

Evonik has had pandemic plans for many years. They determine how to proceed in the event of a pandemic or epidemic. Catalogues of measures and expert staff enable us to react to new developments, including at short notice.

Evonik has largely suspended business trips. Most events have been cancelled or postponed. Personal social contact in daily work is being kept to a minimum, in order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible.

For Evonik as a specialty chemicals company, safety-conscious behavior, health protection, and caution are always cornerstones of our work. Our employees work with common sense, thoughtfulness and experience. This makes a decisive contribution to helping us get through the current global health crisis together.


To preserve the health, ensure the safety of our employees and at the same time maintain our commitment to our clients, suppliers, partners, and the local communities where we operate, we have adopted remote work in the office’s activities since March 2020. If you wish to contact us, click here to fill out the form with your request.