Press release
May 5, 2022

Evonik is present at the International Agroindustry Fair FENEGRA 2022

As one of the largest suppliers of oil and fat hydrogenation catalysts in the world, the company will highlight its solutions for the agroindustry

Evonik will participate for the second time in the International Agroindustry Fair – FENAGRA, which will take place on May 11 and 12, at the Expo Dom Pedro Pavilion, in Campinas (SP).

As one of the world leaders in chemical specialties, the goal is to strengthen the local presence as the sole producer of hydrogenation catalysts of oils and fats with its own stock in the country. In addition, Evonik will take advantage of the event to emphasize an exclusive benefit to its customers: the nickel recovery process from the exhausted catalyst at the manufacturing plant dedicated to this activity, Evonik Catalyst India (ECI).

Evonik Catalyst India (ECI) has a dedicated nickel recovery plant for exhausted catalysts used in oil and fat hydrogenation processes. Evonik  Brasil buys the exhausted catalyst based on its nickel percentage, where higher nickel concentrations receive a higher percentage of the LME (London Metal Exchange). The best results are achieved when the exhausted catalyst residue contains more than 10% Nickel. “This service is a differential of Evonik and allows our customers to make an appropriate effective disposal of their nickel-containing waste, in addition to monetizing part of the value of the metal," explains Gustavo Castro, Evonik Catalyst Business Manager in South America.

During the fair, Evonik will have the opportunity to present to visitors the nickel recovery process and other solutions aimed at agroindustry:

MONCATTM 2021: Nickel Catalyst for total and partial triglyceride hydrogenation processes, mainly for the food industry.

MONCATTM 1991: Nickel Catalyst for total and partial hydrogenation processes of fatty acids and/or triglycerides with high acidity for the oleochemical industry.

Evonik has been operating in the oil and fat hydrogenation catalyst market since 2016, when it acquired Monarch Catalyst India. Since then, it established the business model in the region through local distribution, using its Distribution Centers located in Guarulhos (SP), Itajaí (SC) and Fortaleza (CE).

This way, it became the only producer of catalysts for hydrogenation of oils and fats with its own stock in the country, which allowed deliveries in shorter periods, such as 5-10 working days, optimizing the cash flow of its customers.  In addition, it offers on-demand technical support to key customers in the food and oleochemical markets.

Fenagra - International Agroindustry Fair

Date: May 11 and 12, 2022, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Venue: Expo Dom Pedro Pavilion

Venue: Avenida Guilherme Campos, 500 - Campinas (SP)

Evonik Booth: A3




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