The new climate and sustainability strategy 2020+ highlights Evonik’s aspiration to drive forward solutions to pressing future issues.

The new strategy makes it clear that it is important for Evonik to continuously improve the efficiency and climate compatibility of its own processes. At the same time, Evonik is responding to demands from its customers for more products and solutions that contribute to sustainable development. Evonik is therefore reducing the ecological footprint of its own production and, at the same time, increasing the hand print resulting from use of its products and solutions on the market.
The new strategy covers the climate, water, and portfolio management.

The central climate target is halving Evonik's absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, compared to the reference level in 2008. Internal CO2 pricing will be used as an additional indicator to supplement current planning assumptions. The aim is to include future price trends for emissions appropriately in major investment decisions.

For water, which is a key production input at Evonik, the previous target of reducing specific water consumption throughout the company will be replaced by a worldwide water management system. On this basis, specific prevention plans that take account of availability forecasts can be developed for sites that are likely to be affected by water stress.

With a view to sustained development of the product portfolio, the results of the sustainability analysis will be integrated into the current strategy dialogue. More than 80 of Evonik’s sales already make a positive contribution to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.