Applied Technology Center CSA


Applied Technology Center

The Applied Technology Center (ATC) was designed to support the development of modern, innovative and essential solutions for a more sustainable future.

The completion of the investment in a modern building, which combines eight state-of-the-art laboratories, two pilot plants, and all the necessary infrastructure to support industries in their developments, strengthens Evonik’s strong commitment to its clients and partners across the Central & South America region.   

“The works started at the end of 2020 and were completed successfully on schedule, in spite of the challenges of the market We remain committed to providing the best experience to our clients and developing innovative solutions that allow for a better  future for all,” says Elias Lacerda, President of Evonik for the Central & South America region.


Strategic markets and collaborative environment

The application laboratories are aimed at industries in several strategic markets for Evonik, such as agriculture, construction, crosslinkers, personal care & home care, pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition, polyurethanes, and paints, in addition to two pilot plans catering to the animal nutrition and polyurethanes segments.

With modern equipment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and highly qualified technical staff, we want to provide a full, agile support to the demands of those markets, including services like development, enhancement and reproduction of formulations, varied performance tests, physical-chemical analyses, customized projects, simulation of industrial-scale production processes, technical reports etc.

The space is also intended for training and qualification and for the presentation of novelties and concepts that can inspire future developments. In a total area of approximately 2,300 sqm, the new structure has an auditorium, reception, meeting rooms, and co-working and coexistence spaces to promote the exchange of knowledge and allow for a greater synergy between the areas of operation.

“The new ATC is collaborative and integrated environment that favors the interaction of our experts worldwide, in addition to spurring innovation.  We will provide customers with an in-depth experience in the Evonik universe, with all the know-how of the Group has at a global level by operating in more than 100 countries.